Virtual U3A (vU3A) 

Private Workspace Example



Welcome to this example of our Private PBWorks Wiki.  The idea of this is to allow potential new users a chance to see what the private wiki workspace looks like.


Please note. Even though there is a box in the right hand column allowing you to ask to have full access to this site it is not intended for public use.   You are however welcome to ask us questions via the “contact the owner” link right at the bottom of the page. Otherwise you can go to our main website to sign up for our newsletter and/or join the main vU3A wiki workspace that you can take a full part in.


Let’s take a look at what you can see:


We will start at the right side of the screen this is where most of the information is. At the top we have the standard ‘search this workspace’ facility works in the same way as any other, nothing new there!

Moving down we have ‘create a page’ and ‘upload a file’ ‘copy page’ etc.

Moving down again we have the ‘Navigator ‘a useful function on the wiki.

Down again and you come across the ‘Side Bar’ Under this, (on the main wiki site,) you will find all the groups of subjects, topics, projects, discussions, running the vU3A, and useful information. Try clicking on one of the items on the list and have a read.

Finally you will see 'recent activity' a most useful tool as you can see as soon as you visit what has been going on, making it easy for you to add your comments.


On the left of the screen near the top is the word ‘wiki’ click on this and it will always take you back to the front page, just in case you get lost!


The PBWorks wiki is extremely easy to use and contains a wealth of knowledge for you to enjoy, more importantly it provides a safe environment for you to create and share your knowledge.  


You can create your own space by creating a folder, and then create a page, or just create a page on its own, you don’t have to create a folder, but it helps, place the page in the folder job done.  If you think your page should be placed in one of the group or topic subjects, no problem, create a link to the group or topic you would like it to be linked to.

You can drop pictures and video links onto your work to add more depth and colour.


By creating your own pages on subjects that you have a particular interest you will be sharing your knowledge with others. Others will comment on your work just the same as you can leave comments on their work.


The coffee shop is a great example of using  the comments box, start a conversation going and see where it takes you...


The  idea is for members to share their skills and life experiences, the learners teach and the teachers learn, and there is no distinction between them.






Always remember there is always someone to help.