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Gresford and the miners Hymn

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Gresford and the miners Hymn


I recently listened to the following BBC radio4 programme in the Soul Music series and thought it was worth a quickly created local history/music crossover page making maximum use of links to web material.  


This is a link to the half hour long program






Is an old coal mining village near Wrexham on the welsh borders this is a link to tell you about the village today


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gresford  what others have posted about the village


Ringing on both eights at Gresford, North Wales



The Gresford Mining Disaster


This was a terrible gas explosion that killed many miners in the 1930s and inspired the writing of a hymn specially dedicated to miners and has been used at the Durham Miners Gala and played by brass bands for many years




A You tube presentation showing contemporary pictures and news material but the tune is not the real miners hymn


There are several modern folk songs on the subject


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJhmuUnsXWI&feature=related  Ewan MacColl taking a traditional approach


The Albion Band - Gresford Disaster  for a rather different take on the subject note they are the same words!




Gresford  the miners Hymn


   "Gresford" the Miners' Hymn, Craghead Colliery Band








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