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A Poem of unknown origin

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A Poem of unknown origin


Another year has passed

and we'er all a little older

Last summer felt hotter

and winter seems much colder.


There was a time not long ago

when life seemed quite a blast

Now I fully understand

about living in the past

We used to go to weddings

football games and lunches

Now we go to funeral homes

and after funeral brunches

We used to have hangovers

from parties that were gay

Now we suffer body aches

and while the night away


We used to go out dining

and couldn't get our fill

now we ask for doggy bags

Come home, take a pill


We used to often travel

to places near and far

Now we get sore asses

from sitting in the car.


We used to go to nightclubs

and drink a little booze

Now we stay home at night

and watch the evening news


That my friend is how life is

and now my tale is told

So enjoy each day and live it up

before you're too damned old!


Submitted by Betty

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