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History Index

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Sapiens  a Brief History of Humankind                                         Game of Battleships 

The Black Prince                                                                            Abraham Lincoln

Jessie Kesson                                                                                 Britain's Spitfire heroines

History of the Swan Bell Tower Perth WA                                      Rosalind Elsie Franklin

Gresford and the miners Hymn                                                     Hazel Hill                                            

Evacuation of Dunkirk                                                                   Oradour-sur-Glane

Well Dressing                                                                                The Polish cryptographers who cracked the enigma code

Hay or Cooking Box Cookery                                                        King Athelstan

George Washington                                                                      The Mystery of Seahenge

Oak Apple Day                                                                              Six female war correspondents

David Warren

The forgotten Bletchley Park

Florence Nightingale

Mary Seacole

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