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A Note from the Chairman

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THE VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY OF THE THIRD AGE (vU3A) is based on the premise that eventually we will all reach the stage where physical problems mean that we are unable to attend meetings and may become lonely and isolated.

After several years of planning and development on 1st January 2009 the vU3A was launched as the only virtual U3A affiliated to the UK-wide Third Age Trust.

Who can join vU3A? We are a world-wide organisation and currently have third-agers from France, Canada and as far away as Australia. Some basic computer skills are required

Our activities take place on a private members only wiki for a subscription of £12 a year. We also have a public website https://www.vu3a.org where you can get details of how it all works and sign up for our free newsletter.

One of the most well-known wiki sites is the online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia which describes itself as "the free encyclopaedia that anyone can edit". The same applies to our wiki site, where all activities of vU3A take place. Key to the wiki is co-operation, so don't be shy! Try making a comment and get a conversation going. Have a go at editing a page to share your knowledge of a subject with others. Like everything else the key to learning is to have a go.


A flavour of what is on offer from over 2,000 pages on vU3A:

Do you know how to make a chair from newspapers? The instructions are on our Recycling & Upcycling page.                              




      Do you know what at Antikythera Mechanism is? We have a link to a YouTube video.





We have a blog which keeps us up-to-date on what is happening in the Australian Outback

where Charlie cares for baby wombats, a blue tongued lizard and many other species.





Linda Clark

Chairman vU3A

October 2018

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