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Ask the Scientist

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Ask the Scientist


Science in the vU3A site 

This page is Managed By Ian Kimber a retired broad based scientist and technologist who spent most of his working life in EMI Central Research Laboratories.  


He has also been the Science and technology co-ordinator of this site since it began back in 2009


For more information on his  background and career go to  Ian's website .


He can answer most basic questions form experience but am also quite happy to research more difficult questions and provide easily understandable replies if need be.


Please ask your question in a comment or even on this page itself.  If the topic is really interesting for a larger audience he will develop it into a page and file it in the relevant topic area.


'Over to you please remember this site depends on your asking about a subject or making comments on pages.

You are also welcome to create pages on any subject yourself.   If you are silent nothing will happen

That makes me sad because I love answering questions

and explaining things in simple and easily understandable terms'


All it needs is a comment on this page and I will be informed about it within 24 hours and plan to respond with in a day or two.




Ask a Scientist  Zoom meetings

We can easily arrange Zoom meeting to discuss topics face to face individually or in groups





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