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Science in the vU3A site

Page history last edited by Ann Vipond 2 years, 2 months ago


Science in the vU3A site


As co-ordinator of the science and technology area ever since the vU3A started more than ten yours ago I have always tried to operate the pages on a reactive basis to allow our members to introduce the topics and questions that they were interested in rather than dominate the pages with my own interests.  Over the years a wide range of subjects have developed and I would like introduce a few on a regular basis via this newsletter.


Firstly the page for asking questions and getting information.  Ask a Scientist    This is an area of asking any sort of  questions or getting help with more information on any science and technology subject.


Next we have some pages that were aimed at giving absolute beginners a quick introduction to the subject. the "Understanding science" pages.  This is a link to the index page for this set of pages. Understanding Science.     there is even a page introducing mathematics to non mathematicians in a way that requires no mathematics!  Understanding Mathematics.


There is a continuously open discussion on climate change.  A Discussion on Climate change. Although it has been very quiet for a long time it is still available and I will respond to activity on a similar but more general topic there is Planetary Husbandry  looking at wider aspects than just climate with a lot of good linked presentations.


A particular topic of interest to me is.  Do We Live in a Recycled Universe. This looks seriously at the possibility of a cyclic cosmology where one universe generate new universes that bud off it.  This is developing interest in experts thinking.


This is a serious course in the development of mankind available a a precis and notes. The full videos are available for use on request.   1 Index page Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind


And finally a very recently started project.  *Obsevational astronomy online.  These are zoom meetings that happen at night when conditions are suitable where you are looking through an astronomical telescope to see images of interesting objects with explanations and discussions on what they are. you can also look at the results of meetings with notes.


Other groups run by Ian Kimber 

Understanding Science

Understanding Mathematics

A Discussion on Climate change.

Planetary Husbandry

Do we live in a Recycled Universe

Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind 



Ian Kimber 


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