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King Athelstan

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King Athelstan who ruled from 925 to 939 AD



Athelstan was the king who defeated the Vikings and united England for the first time.

But despite his considerable achievements, relatively few people have heard of him.


Athelstan, lost in the past. 


Born in 894, Athelstan was grandson of Alfred the Great, legendary cake-burner and King of Wessex.


Wily Athelstan married off his four half-sisters to powerful European rulers to cement his rule.


Buried at Malmesbury Abbey in Wiltshire in 939, his remains were lost during the Reformation.

‘Athelstan was one of the founding fathers of England. I think people tend to assume that England has always existed.

‘He was a great conqueror, but he was much more than that.’


Athelstan, who reigned from 925 to 939 AD, united the country in the year 927 after merging the kingdoms of Mercia and Wessex and driving the Vikings out of Northumbria in the first two years of his reign. 


In 937, at the Battle of Brunanburh, Athelstan defeated the combined invasion forces of the kings of Scotland and Dublin.


If you  would like to learn more about Athelstan the click here



June 2022

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